The Power of ‘Belief’

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

I’ve written at length about the power of belief via this blog during the past months. If you’ve taken note, my contention is, your ‘beliefs’ form the most powerful faculty accessible for progress in life.

The power of Belief has been well documented in the Bible and various religious scriptures over the centuries. The basis to a wish, a prayer or an intention is based on the power of belief. The Free Online Dictionary defines belief as the following, mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something. My own definition includes the conviction of something being true despite evidence proving otherwise.

Since I’ve written about belief in previous posts, I’d like to discuss the idea of Power & Belief forming an important factor for living an authentic life. A belief has power, since you assign it so through thought and emotion. Have you ever believed in something or someone with all your heart and soul? Recall how your body felt? Your emotions and the inspiring feeling contained from within. Did you experience tingles all over?

One of my personal, empowering beliefs is that every event has the potential to shape my life when I choose to be receptive to the lesson/s which unfolds. With this in mind, I suspend my judgement about what life should look like, by becoming aware and awaken to the infinite beauty of life. I remove my ego out of the way by allowing my spirit to co-create my destiny.

I have far more choices available when I adopt this way of thinking. I create and shape my outer world based on infinite love, not fear. Your soul/spirit knows what is right for you - for it has no agenda other than to see to your happiness via the fulfilment of your deepest desires.

I’ll say it again - your belief is power. The power to create. Your belief colours every experience and determines how you react in any situation.

I believe in a force greater than myself. I reason this force was responsible for creating a benevolent universe which continually supports me. Creating such intention at a young age served as my belief in the power of a universal energy. My job was simply to get out of my way by removing the limiting beliefs that were later formed in adult life.

You are the creator of your life. You are the story teller, the director and producer of your destiny. You don’t have to know the infinite details of how your story will unfold. You have to believe that life is serving you and will always do so. How can it not? How can the same force which created you and the universe not support your growth, happiness and wellbeing?

Your choices are influenced by your beliefs, be it right or wrong. It is for this reason that I empower people via personal growth to take ownership of their conscious choices. I invite them to be aware and awake.

Examine the following questions by writing your answers down on paper. Awareness is the first step toward change. Are you current beliefs formed through influence of others? If so, who; family, friends, work colleagues, teachers, sports coaches, ministers or that of your collective society? How are they serving you?

My message is to invite you to examine aspects of your life which you’ve formed incorrect views about. Consider the quality of your life. Not that quantity, measured by accumulated material possessions. Look at the value of the beliefs you created. When did you create those beliefs?  What was happening in your life around the time these beliefs were formed?

I become conscious throughout my life, that my catholic upbringing was the result of deep religious dogma. Upon close examination in adult hood, I realised these ideas were not of my choosing.  They were ideas and concepts served to me by an authority which denied my best interest. Whilst I’m not suggesting religion is bad, I suggest you examine your said beliefs more closely.

Author, Ray Dodd provides us with four steps to follow in order to change a belief:

Practise awareness: remove yourself from what is familiar or ‘known’ to you. These are the beliefs you formed long ago which may no longer serve you now. Disagree with the internal voice which claims that this is ‘the way.’ These voices may arise when you challenge an existing belief. Silence the monkey mind; the endless chatter which seeks to interpret every action, thought and event.

Give up the need to be right: give up those beliefs which no longer serve you. In surrendering those beliefs, you suspend the need to gather evidence and justification to prove you’re right. As you become aware, notice how needing to be right feels. Is it empty inside, as though an inner voice is asking you to let it go? By resisting gathering evidence, you let go of your attachment to your ‘old story.’

Love yourself without limits: when working through the steps to disempower a belief, you may discover it was foolish to have adopted the belief in the first place. One of my earliest beliefs as a six year scared of water was, ‘I am weak and will never amount to anything.’ I compared myself to other children at the time who could swim. It was only later as an adult, I realised I was foolish to listen to a six year olds beliefs. In doing so, I learnt to love and accept myself, since that was the best I knew at the time. I invite you to love yourself despite what beliefs you’ve adopted.

Create a new dream: design a new agreement which re-works the old belief. After you’ve challenged it, design a belief which sits well with you. Following on from my earlier example, my new belief became, ‘I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.’ It encompassed all the qualities I felt were essential for living in alignment with my higher self. Gather evidence to support your new belief. Begin living it, breathing it and being it.

Examine your beliefs regular by noticing if they serve you. You don’t have to adopt other people’s ideas and thinking. Allow your true self to unfold and be unmasked; since the life of your dreams awaits you on the other side. It already exists out there…just tune into it!